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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Family T(h)ree

How can you say that you have a family?
Do you have a family?
In the first place, do you even know the meaning of family?

According to my sources: family is consist of two or more individual who have long-term commitments with each other, and who share common values and goals. Part of it, a family is a domestic group of people who reside usually in the same dwelling place, and under one head or the so-called the boss.

Now, I'll ask you again. Do you have a family?

Me? I have my family. Image above is my Family tree. Let's recall the meaning of family. A family is consist of two or more individual. Check! We are eight in the family and I think it's pretty large. Now, how about the long-term commitments with each other. What's the meaning of commitment, commitment for what, commitment to whom? Yes I know how to read, it's commitment with each other. My family tree can explain why I can't answer the questions. The boxes are connected and they really must be connected to each other because it's representing a tree. Trees have roots that is connected to the ground to support life. Its roots is also connected to a trunk that is connected to several branches that produces leaves, flowers and fruits. Meaning, that everyone has its own importance with each other. One may not survive without the presence of the other.

I have a very weird family tree. Take a look at aqua blue boxes. There is a wife, brother & sister, and of course they are all connected to my dad. That's my dad's family. Honestly, I don't know their names and even how old they are (I guess the first[boy] is 7 years old and the second[girl] is 5 years old). All I know is I have a half-brother and  half-sister from my dad. I already met them once, I think last 2008 at my grandmother's house. It was awkward, really awkward. Seems that they are not existing to me in the sense that I don't care at all. I don't know! Am I jealous with them? Maybe. There was an event that the boy wants something in the sari-sari store. He tantrums in front of me and my dad, then suddenly my dad said "oh halika ano ba gusto mo... bili ka dalawa bigay mo sa kapatid mo yung isa". I was shocked! Then I didn't notice that my mind keeps on remembering when did my dad last bought me something. Unfortunately, I can't remember anything.

Now, it's the red boxes turn. There is a husband and a brother that is obviously connected to my mom. That's my mom's family. This case is very different from my dad's. I know the name of my brother (in fact my previous blog is about him)  and my mom's partner. I already accepted the fact that I'm not anymore the only child of my mom. I also accepted that I'm a kuya already but there is still something in me that I can't explain. Am I also jealous? Maybe!!! Damn!

Now, it's the blue boxes turn! Yahoo! I'm part of it! There is me, my mom and my dad. This is my family. My family is/was just consist of three members because I'm the only child of mom and dad. I'm happy regardless of all the definitions I gave above. For me a family doesn't need long-term commitment, sharing of common goals and values, to reside in one place, and have a boss...... Shit!! but at the back of mind.... These are true! 

 As far as I remember, I was 7 years old when my parents decided to have separate ways. My grandparents(mother side) served as my parents back then. My mom was in other country and my dad returned to his family. After 6 long straight years my mom came back. I'm not mad at her nor to my dad. In my 22 years of existence I already understand them, the way I understand the true meaning of life. Life is full of challenges and obstacles. In order to survive life you must be able to admit that the only constant thing in this effin world is change. I'm changing, you are changing, everyone and everything else is.

Once again this is my weird family tree. It's consist of three family in one family tree!

Haha I'm excited to post this photo. This is my mom and dad. I just saw this photo on the internet. I think this was taken during their Elementary Reunion a year or two years ago.


  1. Pareho lang tayo ng family tree. Hahahahaha.

  2. ai onga pla !!??? kala ko unique ako hahahaa pero my sis ka na buo db?? hnd half! hahaha