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Friday, January 28, 2011

Paintings and Games

Bored? Why not try to make artworks. Back to basics (Microsoft Paint) haha

Here are some of my masterpiece:



MANYAKIS na DINO (sabi nung officemate ko =))

These are just 3 of my works.

Traditional games when bored.

Maybe you can relate in some of the games we play. We play SOS, tic-tac-to, Minesweeper, Solitaire, dama using paper and coins, and our favorite game the NAME GAME! I forgot what is the popular name for it. For example every round we have 5 columns and each column has a certain criteria  ( ie: Artist Name, Fruits, Vegetebles, Song, Country). Then, we have this raffle for letter A-Z and each round someone will pick a letter then we shall think of a name, fruit, vegetable etc starting with the letter that had been picked. Example letter A had been picked . So as fast as you could you shall think and write : Artist Name-Angel Locsin, fruit-apple, Vegetable-ampalaya, Song- a very special love, Country- Austria. Then when someone already completed the 5 columns the round for letter A ends, even if the rest is not yet done. For checking of answers everyone will say their answers, if ever you have the same answer with someone it's just one point but if it's a unique answer it's two points. If all the letters are picked the one with the highest score wins.

Playing NAME GAME is fun but we already run out of ideas or criteria to think with, that's why we play another name game. This time we shall think as many as we can for a specific criteria. Example,  object or anything that is ROUND (things that are just circle and no other shapes). Some of my answers are: coin, ball, eyeball, moon, earth (and the rest of the planets haha), watermelon etc. checking for answers is the same for the previous name game, one point for same answer and two points for the unique one.


  1. Hahah! Grabe, ang productive mo naman sa work mo. Magiging regular ka nyan sa pinaggagagawa mo. Haha. May bago nang game na pumalit sa Plants Vs. Zombies, ANGRY BIRDS!!!

  2. haha ganun talaga... kapagod nga eh....

    ANGRY BIRDS???? may installer ka??? or pagmeron sa net mag laro ako nextweek sa office kasi may intrnet na kami yehey hahahah =P

  3. ako meron installer ng angry birds. hahaha. hindi ka na lilipat ng work? dyan ka na?

  4. wow! peram ako... install ko c pc ko sa office... ayaw ko na lipat kung ganto lng naman ggwin ko sa office haha joke lng.... suzie UUNM ko? =( ikaw na bili cd bayaran ko nlng.... wag .avi ung format ha.. choosy laptop ko eh haha

  5. hahahaha!!!
    same here, my first week in my my job was all about surfing and blogging and editing photos..hahaha

    then nung naghanap ako ng gagawin, ayun bumuhos parang ulan..hahahaha

    at nagpapaint ka na rin, parang yung kilala ko na puro sa paint ang masterpiece..hehehe!!you know who am i talking about..hahahah

  6. ngayon lang naman toh! next week daw meron ng work,,, hmmmmm sana nga haha matatapos ang contract ko ng walang gngawa gaga

    sssshh QUITE KA NGA! hahaha